Co-Creating Change

About Mark

I am a Brisbane based psychotherapist /psychologist with Masters’ degrees in Addictive Behaviours and Psychology providing psychotherapy, genetic testing for addictive behaviours, precision supplementation, neurofeedback and mindfulness services. I help clients create change and experience release from unwanted habits, addictive behaviours, and related mental health problems. 

I am a treating psychologist, I do not write reports or  assessments.


Addictive Behaviours such as an excessive appetite for alcohol, drugs, food, shopping, sex, gambling, avoidance, etc., develop because we learn that they are effective in soothing psychological or physiological distress.


Reapplying harmful learned soothing strategies does not change the causes of stress or reduce distress; it merely perpetuates the symptom cycle and the need for ongoing soothing.


This is not a free and empowered way to live.


Managing entrenched unwanted ways of thinking, feeling and behaving by trying to outthink them, will often fuel suffering and fail to bring about meaningful change suggesting a different approach is needed.


Avoidance of triggers such as people, places, situations, things, substances, etc. is another example of a strategy that might provide temporary relief but also can’t resolve problems. Unresolved problems can create more triggers.


Understanding, working through and being released from underlying causes of addictive behaviours be they psychological or physiological is key to freedom.