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GARS® - Genetic Addiction Risk Score.

The GARS® test helps individuals better understand their genetic predisposition toward addictive, impulsive and compulsive behaviors. Testing kit includes a buccal swab to collect the cheek and gum DNA specimen, along with prepaid return postage.




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By Confirming your order and clicking the "order now" button above, you request and authorize Geneus Health (GH) to perform the designated test(s) on the DNA sample provided by me. My authorization above constitutes my acknowledgment that I am aware of the benefits and limitations of this testing. I have been informed that should I have any additional questions about the test or results, once they have been produced, I should contact my healthcare provider. I certify that I provided my specimen and that I have not adulterated it in any manner. I authorize GH to use my data to be analyzed and interpreted through proprietary reporting software that will produce my testing results; including de-identified testing information.

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Same collection is performed by a simple swab inside your cheek and gums - swabbing instructions are included in each kit. Place secure sample in return kit provided.

A Shipping pack with prepaid postage is included in each kit - follow instruction and mail sample.

Upon receipt of your sample it is forwarded to the US where scientists will unlock your genetics by isolating and then analysing your DNA in our state of the art genetic centre.

Your report will be securely delivered to the preferred email or mailing address provided.