Neurofeedback Helps with Addictions

A study conducted at UCLA (University of California Los Angeles) that appeared in the American Journal of Drug and Alcohol Abuse found that adding Neurofeedback to therapy significantly enhanced abstinence rates as well as retention in rehab and also changes in personality inventories. The following results are off the paper and highlight the benefit of adding to therapy.

Improved abstinence

Sobriety rates 12 mos. after treatment:

77% abstinence for neurofeedback group;

44% abstinence for the control group.

Improved retention in rehab

There was a 60% reduction in clients prematurely leaving treatment against medical advice (AMA) in the neurofeedback group.

Improved personality inventory

There were significant improvements in 5 of the 10 MMPI-2 scales, the most frequently used personality tests in mental health.

The American Journal of Drug and Alcohol Abuse, 31:455–469, 2005

Copyright D Taylor & Francis Inc. ISSN: 0095-2990 print / 1097-9891 online DOI: 10.1081/ADA-200056807

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